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Happy Birthday Cards Say More

Your happy birthday cards say more about you than your words alone. There’s a feeling you get when you watch someone open the present you’ve chosen for them. But there is a catch phrase that sounds out across the world “open the card first!”

Whether it’s your brother, your sister, your best friends dad or even a work colleague, you have the chance to send a truly personal message to them on their special day.

The happy birthday cards you choose should complement your words. What are you going to say to them? If your best friend’s dad loves beer and meat, you’ll want to wish him a happy birthday, buy him a six pack, and have a bbq inspired card. If your husband or your wife hates surprises, the last thing you want is a boring and predictable card! I know that might seem counterintuitive, but they’ll appreciate the time and thought you put into choosing their card, and enjoy the novelty all at the same time.

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Birthdays are fun. So get creative! With the right happy birthday cards you can compliment your words with the perfect picture or design. Whilst this shouldn’t be a chore, getting it right will make the person’s day, and show that you truly care! With so much to choose from, it can become a little daunting, but if truth be told this task has never been easier, and with a little time and effort you’ll soon come to realize how choosing the right card can be fun, rewarding, and ultimately worth the little extra effort you’ve gone to.

I know what you’re thinking, choosing your happy birthday cards is a fairly simple process, right? Well my friend, with that you are correct!. However, bearing in mind the few simple points that I’ve mentioned here, and following the advice, is going to stop you from picking out the very first cute cat picture or cringe worthy joke card that you come across (although by all means, if you think these would be the perfect card, go ahead! Just as long as you’ve put some time and thought into it), and instead you’ll wind up choosing the card that shows that you care enough about the person to go the little extra step and even if they don’t know it yet, they’ll remember the gesture well past the day you gleefully called out to them to open their card first!