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An Etiquette Guide For Sending Business Thank-You Notes

Thank-you notes are a must for any business and need to be a staple in your organizations stationery. As such, you must know how to compose an appropriate thank you note for any enterprise occasion. It is not hard and if it is completed correctly, a thank-you note can have a tremendous influence with your consumers and colleagues.

Thank you for your company
When an opportunity presents itself, you must send a corporate thank you note to your clientele. You do not need to do it every week or even every month but perhaps every quarter. Use your corporate stationery to send a thank you, but it is also acceptable to use a stylish and well make thank you notes that may not have your company logo. Just be certain that your note is brief and sincere and it will be well-received.

Thank you for referring a client
The greatest present your clientele, colleagues and pals can give to your business is the referral of another client. Make sure you send a unique thank-note for any individual who has referred a client to your business. Not only should you send a note on your corporate stationery but you might want to send a suitable gift.

Thank you for celebrating with us
Following your company’s hosting of a corporate occasion, you are presented with another opportunity for a thank you to your clientele, potential customers, and colleagues who came to celebrate your move, milestone, new product or unique occasion. Pick some unique company stationery and create a ‘thank you for celebrating with us’ note. Not only is this an elegant touch, but your guests will be delighted that you are thinking of them

Wording your note

It’s important to send a thank you note, but its all for nothing if you don’t place the appropriate words in your corporate thank you note. Simplicity and focus are key.  You note should do the following:
1.  Thanks them for event.
2. Thank them for their business.
3. Express a hope for future interactions.

And that’s it. Your corporate thank you does not need to be verbose to be effective. The thank you card should never be a sales pitch.  Short and simple only expressing a sincere appreciation for the customer and nothing more.

Write never tap and click
A corporate thank you note to your client should ALWAYS (i repeat ALWAYS) come in the mail or be hand delivered. The world is quickly becoming paperless, but paperless is to far to impersonal for thank you notes. An e-mail thank-you can be perfectly acceptable for a colleague or a vendor. Even so, an e-mail will never ever replace the grace and style of a hand written thank you note. A thank you note shows that you took the time to sit down and write a note, not just tap out an e-mail in between meetings and phone calls.

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