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Birthday Greeting Cards for Your Man

The activity of writing a greeting card to a relative, a friend, a co-worker, a schoolmate, an acquaintance, and so on, is relatively straightforward to most men and women, despite the fact that there are a lot of people who find the job of writing birthday greeting cards for their boyfriends a tough activity. They get out the birthday card, they sit down in front of it, get a pen, and then….? They freeze. They are stuck. They never know what to say. They question whether they have picked the appropriate card.

Not to worry.  We’ve got ya covered.

First of all, what is he in to. Does he like movies? Does he like sports? Books? Is he a artist? Is he an musician? How about a painter? Its never a bad idea to start with something that interest him. Does he like football? Then grab a card that shows his favorite player or team on it. Another angle to consider is things you like to do when you are together. Do you guys like to cook together on the weekends? Then there’s another them to look for. The added bonus of cards depicting activities you enjoy together is that it emphasizes a bond you share.

boyfriend birthday card romanticSo now you’re on the right track to picking the perfect happy birthday card for him, it is now time to think of what you are going to create on the card. There are really only two ways to go here.  You can romance him or make him laugh.

The Laugh Out Loud card
Who doesn’t love a good laugh. So how do you tickle your boyfriend’s laugh bone? That is straightforward. If you have spent a lot of time with each other, most likely you now share the same humor. My advice here is stick to your instincts.  What tends to make you laugh will make him laugh also.  Think of the last time or two you and your guy shared a good belly laugh and write something that alludes to it.  A funny line from your favorite tv show?  An eccentric relative one of you imitates?  You’ll think of something.

The Romantic Card
It doesn’t have to be cheesy or forced. How are you feeling about him right at this moment?  Why did you even look for an article about how to give him the perfect card?  You no doubt care about him, so just write what’s in your  head.  It’s always wise BTW to start writing on scratch paper.  Just quickly dump your brain out on a piece of paper then take the best of whats there and put it in your card.  Easy, right?  Now, keep in mind, this isn’t Valentine’s day:).  Don’t get all teary and bring a light hearted fun event like a birthday to a screeching halt. Take all the things you feel and ask yourself which of those things would he most like to hear.  Simple, right?

Your goal should simply be to make him feel good about himself and the way you feel about him.  If you do this then you’ve succeeded in giving him the perfect card.

Good luck:).