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Perfect Anniversary Gifts


Congratulations! A lasting relationship is a beautiful thing, and in a time honoured tradition, it is customary to honour your good fortune with a gift to show that you love, care, and understand your cherished other half.

Gone are the days of traditional anniversary gifts. Did you know that for a first year anniversary the traditional anniversary gifts were something made of paper, or a clock? Even weirder were the 14th year anniversary gifts – something of ivory. These ideas are boring and show little inspiration. So unless you want to show your significant other that you have zero inspiration, or that your are an unethical ivory purchasing black market dealing crook, you might want to look elsewhere for inspiration.

anniversary gifts for her,anniversary gifts for himDiamonds, pearls, crystal and gold – they’re all traditional anniversary gifts as well and are likely to be warmly received. But what do these say about you? That you’re willing to spend money on a lump of rock, metal or carbon with little thought? By all means, buy these things if you know it is what your partner wants. But a dresser draw full of expensive shiny things offers little in the way of expressing your deepest feelings for your partner in life. Put on your thinking cap and show that you really do care.

If you, or your partner’s heart is set on something traditional such as crystal, why not personalise some beautiful crystal glassware with both of your initials, or get creative with a word that holds special meaning to the two of you.

To really surprise them, pull the bait and switch (but don’t go overboard!). A great idea is to provide your partner with a small personalised gift, perhaps a picture frame with your initials? Or the very cheesy, but cute matching monogrammed bath robes? Your better half will be pleased you thought to do something unique to memorialise your time together, but they’re going to be asking themselves “is that it?”. Now you pull out the big guns and surprise them with something they’ll never forget – is there a show in town they’ve been dying to see? Get the tickets! Is there an adrenaline filled experience like skydiving or abseiling they’ve always talked about but never done? Now’s the chance!!! Whatever you decide, make sure that you will both enjoy the experience. It’s no fun if someone takes you somewhere, but you’re constantly worried that they’re not having a good time.

Keeping things fun and thoughtful is the key to long lasting relationships. Make sure that whatever you decide on or plan will leave you both with long lasting memories to cherish. An excellent first anniversary gift idea is a photo album for you to place all of your forthcoming adventures in so that you never forget the excellent times that you’ve had, and never stop dreaming of the future you will have together.