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A1243 “Doggone Funny” Box of 10 Assorted Funny Birthday Greeting Cards

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Card’s inside greetings:
We offer FREE shipping, Prime or otherwise.
Hand folded and Printed in NJ, not in China.


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Product Description

NobleWorks’ humorous greeting cards have been making people blush since 1980 BC (Before eCards). We’ve collected some of our most hilarious cards by fun theme and put them into a fabulous 10-card assortment. All of our funny cards are printed on-demand (and we are very demanding!) in the good ol’ US of A on thick, bright, premium recycled paper. Many of our fabulous cards are also available blank to appease one’s closeted creative urges, some even come jumbo sized – oh snap, size does matter after all! Our shameful, over-the-top, hilarious holiday designs can be ordered individually, or in sets of 12 – if you know that many folks with a twisted sense of humor. There are merely about 4,500 hilarious cards in the collection, from silly to slightly over the top, for a plethora of everyday and seasonal occasions. We offer free first-class USPS shipping from New Jersey (hey, somebody’s got to keep them in business!). Dare to laugh!
Card’s inside greetings:
We offer FREE shipping, Prime or otherwise.
Hand folded and Printed in NJ, not in China.
Amazon A-to-Z Guarantee. The only question we might ask is: ‘Does your mother know?’ Rest assured we’ll never tell…

Happy Birthday Card Statements and Factoids

  • May you stay Forever Young – By Bob Dylan
  • Today you are you. That is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you. – Dr. Seuss
  • There is nothing better than someone who ages gracefully. Take the time to enjoy your old age with elegance and vitality.
  • As you get older, you need to remember to cherish your laugh lines and wrinkles. The memories that made those lines are the most important part of you today.
  • It is through the idealism of youth that man catches sight of truth, and in that idealism he possesses a wealth which he must never exchange for anything else. – Albert Schweitzer

  • Celebrities speak about their Mums! ! !

  • “I want to thank my mom, Brenda Rose. My heart, the reason I play the way I play, just everything. Just knowing the days I don’t feel right, going to practice, having a hard time, I think about her when she had to wake me up, go to work and make sure I was all right. Those were hard days”– Derrick Rose
  • “As a mom, you have all these situations you go through, and you’re like, ‘What is going on? Is this normal? Is this a phase? Or what is this?’ and then you feel silly for asking questions because you think, ‘I’m a mom – I’m supposed to know these things,’ but you don’t”– Britney Spears
  • “You need your mom and dad to protect you. It means they love you so much”– Gabby Douglas
  • “I just think that there’s so much judgment in the world, whether it’s coming from women in general or from men onto women – it’s a lot. And when it comes to being a mom, I wish everyone could band together and realize that everyone has different beliefs, different styles, and different things that work for them and their family”– Hilary Duff
  • “The best part of having two babies at once, a son and a daughter, is mostly everything. YouÂ’re just having that feeling of love inside you all the time and motherhood is such a fulfilling place to be. I kind of wish it would have happened to me earlier in my life.” —Jennifer Lopez
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