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Happy Birthday Cards and their History.

One hundred years have passed since the first happy birthday card was received. The individuals who exchanged these first happy birthday cards will never be known.

Happy Birthday CardsBirthday celebrations were common events back then and were personally attended by loved ones and friends. Those who were unable to attend in person to express their happy birthday wishes sent happy birthday cards instead. During this time a card was often considered more of an apology than a gift. It was only in more recent years that happy birthday cards have been regarded as joyful expressions.

The sending of happy birthday greetings became more of a tradition in the middle of the 1800s. The practice first escalated in England and became even more popular with the development of the postal system and the issuance of the first postage stamp. Soon after that in the 1850’s, the commercial printing of greeting cards began. This would make the exchange of happy birthday cards much more affordable and exponentially more popular as a result.

It was a gentleman named Louis Prang, who would later become known as the Father of the American Greeting Card, who first mass manufactured happy birthday cards in the US.

Prang’s initial designs were not all that popular as they depicted an odd array of flowers, plants, and animals. These first cards did however draw more attention to the industry and the apparent opportunity created by the popularity greeting cards.

The Happy Birthday Card Today.

Happy birthday cards today are wonderfully designed and poetically worded. They often say the things we have trouble finding the words for. Now with the ease of online shopping, happy birthday cards can be found for anyone, from anyone, and that say just about anything. The happy birthday greetings of today make it easy to spread the love and joy in our hearts when the birthdays of our loved ones arrive.

Today, the happy birthday card is by far the most popular of all the greeting cards. Happy birthday cards account for more than sixty percent of the total greeting card market’s gross annual sales.