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Everything You Need To Know About The Christmas Greetings Card.

Ever wonder about the origin of the Christmas card? Exchanging Seasons greetings cards is a relatively modern tradition that dates back to the beginning of the 19th century.

Before the first Christmas card ideas were initially printed commercially, manually making them was the only alternative. These Seasons greetings cards were delivered by hand at first, then later by way of the newly formed postal service system. Inevitably the US postal system, in all its glory, would struggle to fulfill the needs of Christmas greetings card senders. Even prior to the mass production of the contemporary Seasons greetings cards, when they were still being written by hand, supplemental mail carriers were needed at the postal service to fulfill the additional demand during the holiday season. In the year 1822, the Postmaster General in the US was afraid of being unable to deliver the volume of excess mailings generated by the Christmas greetings card explosion. He addressed Congress asking that they restrict the total number of Seasons greetings cards that citizens were allowed to exchange.

Seasons greetings/Holiday greetings card popularity skyrockets.

As the popularity of the Christmas card holiday greetings accelerated, it was inevitable that Christmas greetings cards would eventually be made for the purpose of resale. Initially, the Christmas card was first created during the early 1800s by a well known artisan named John Calcott Horsley. Horsley was hired by a wealthy entrepreneur named Sir Henry Cole to complete this task. England had just launched a postal system mostly due to Henry Cole. The Christmas card idea was that a new merry Christmas greetings card tradition might attract public awareness of the availability and benefit of this new system. This assertion would certainly prove to be true.

A well known innovator and wealthy business man, Sir Henry Cole was highly respected in the early 1800s. Among his countless accomplishments were the construction of the Albert Hall, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and his arrangement of the Great Exhibition in 1851. But Cole might be best known for modernizing the English postal system. The driving force or focus in Henry Cole’s personal life was his desire to beautify the world. He even operated a small art store in his leisure time specializing in interior decor. It was in the year 1843 that Cole commissioned John Horsley for the creation of “the Christmas card.” A holiday greetings card that he could be proud to send out to his business associates and loved ones..

The Christmas Greetings card is born.

Christmas GreetingsWhat Horsley produced was a triptych(a tri-fold) holiday greetings card. The smaller panels represented people giving to the homeless and hungry. The main panel of the Christmas greetings card revealed family members at a dining table overflowing with plentiful food and drinks. This main Christmas picture was criticized by the British Temperance Movement.

At the time, the term “Merry” was synonymous with “Blessed.” The very first inscription on the Christmas card read the following: “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You.” Of the original 1000 cards printed only a few still currently exist today. Private collectors who recognized their relevance and uniqueness have purchased them as investments. A wise move.

The publishing of Christmas greetings cards would spread rapidly all through England. Soon after that Germany would also begin producing cards in mass. It took well over three decades for the US to begin producing cards commercially. Our country’s printing of commercialized Seasons greetings cards began in the year 1875 by Louis Prang. Despite the fact that he was born in Germany, he is now referred to as the Father of the American Christmas greetings card.

Holiday greetings cards were here to stay.

Prang it seems, was destined to fail however. There was no Father Christmas or decorated Christmas tree on these first cards designed by Prang. There were instead daisies, tulips, along with other numerous floral arrangements. The popularity of Seasons greetings cards was only mildly affected by Prang’s inadequate rendering of the Christmas season however. Instead Americans purchased German import penny Holiday greetings postcards. Prang soon went out of business and the German Seasons greetings postcard remained popular till the 40s. It wasn’t till 1940 that the Christmas card holiday greetings market in the US was again lead domestically.

A surprising two billion Seasons greetings cards are sold in the United States yearly. Christmas greetings card sales far exceed the sale of any other holiday card.

There’s no better way to show loved ones that you’re thinking of them during the Christmas season than with a loving holiday greetings card. These days, families are often spread out across the country or even the world. Finding the perfectly worded holiday greetings card to send to those dear, but not so near, is a time honored tradition all over the world. The right words can be difficult to come up with sometimes. Let the professionals do it.:)

Merry Christmas!