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Christmas Cards Etiquette

Christmas Card Rules

There are several tips to follow when mailing out Xmas greetings cards. Following appropriate etiquette will ensure that holiday greeting cards are received in the very same spirit with which they were sent.

1. A Short Personal Message Should Always be Included
A little effort goes a long way. Most people are grateful for the time taken to write a short holiday message in Christmas greetings cards. The included message should always be brief. A short message is enough to say you care and easier to include when sending a large number of holiday greetings cards.

2. Mail or send your holiday greetings cards out well before Christmas.
If there are Christmas greetings cards on the racks at the local stores, its time to mail them. Here are some tips for sending you cards out on time:

• Even early December is not too soon to receive holiday greeting cards.
• The 3rd week in December may be too late to send out a Christmas card to ensure that it is received at the appropriate time.
• The postal office changed their stripes over the past couple of years. They have cut spending and slowed up deliveries. Be sure to account for this when sending out your Christmas greetings cards.
• You’ll want to get your family pics ready no later than mid-November to give you time to find the ideal holiday greetings card.
• Cards being sent to colder climate areas should be sent a week early to allow for any possible weather delays.

3. Electronic cards are for Strangers
Emailing a quick Electronic card during the holidays is unquestionably convenient. It takes very little effort to send these cards however, and this is often disappointing to the loved one that receives it. Time should be taken to send a tangible Christmas greetings card. A Xmas greeting card can grace a mantel or be passed around among family members serving as a constant reminder of your love for them.
The perfect Christmas greetings cards can be ordered in minutes from any compute or phone and delivered right to your door. Adding a personal touch such as photos or designs is also easy these days. This makes the merry Christmas card even more appealing and cherished during the holidays.

With these simple Xmas greeting card tips, you can avoid accidentally insulting a family member this holiday season.

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